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Though highly useful, sometimes our toilets flush things we didn’t mean to. This post is all about things that got flushed that people really wanted back. Though none of these examples are from Lehi, they are just as likely to happen here in Lehi as anywhere else.  Below Your Plumber Lehi has collected a bunch of stories of strange, sad, or sentimental things that were not meant to be flushed.


Strange as it may sound, dentures are flushed down toilets all too often. Perhaps it is because most dentures are stored in bathrooms? Either way, dentures aren’t just something one can afford to lose. For example, a man in Rockhill, South Carolina accidentally flushed his entire set of dentures down the toilet! According to the plumber who was called to retrieve the dentures, the man was anxious to have his dentures retrieved so they could be used again! Though we must admit, this made us a bit squimish, reusing teeth that have been flushed down the toilet, it is far from the only case.
In England for example, on the holiday known as Boxing day, a womans grandchildren managed to flush the top part of her teeth down the toilet. The husband called in a plumber, who advised them not to flush the toilet again until he’d looked for the teeth. Unfortunately the plumber didn’t know there was a second toilet installed in the house connected to the same “fallpipe.” The fallpipe being the one that takes the waste from the toilet to the sewer. After searching both toilets and the fall pipe, the plumber found the teeth wedged in a bit of toilet paper just inside a little ledge at the bottom of the toilet. He rinsed them off and handed the woman, noting it was up to her whether she wanted to use them again. When the plumber left, he noted that the woman was looking under her sink for cleaning supplies for her teeth.


People use electronics in the bathroom more often than most would like to admit. Whether we in Lehi are using our phones, listening to music, or surfing the internet most of us have probably used our gadgets in the bathroom at least once. So accidents involving electronics and water in the bathroom occur frequently enough that it should come as no surprise that a gadget or two has been flushed. Sometimes, though, we still have to wonder just how someone managed to flush what they did. One such case comes from an airport in Texas. Someone managed to flush a brand new Iphone in its’ packaging. Of course the box had blocked up the toilet, so a plumber was called in. What surprises us was that no one came forward to claim the iphone. Those certainly aren’t inexpensive!

The Iphone is not the only Apple product that was flushed, however, and this one was certainly noticed. A young man was on a flight from Chicago to Canada to visit a friend. He used the bathroom, and then returned to his seat. Shortly thereafter he heard two of the stewardesses talking about a clogged toilet. He didn’t admit it was probably his fault, thinking it was probably just the seat cover that got stuck. The young man went to put in his headphones, only to realize his Ipod was missing! He finally confessed to one of the stewardesses that it was probably his Ipod that was stuck in the toilet. Unfortunately the crew had already alerted the pilots and closest airport that they had found an unknown “package” inside one of their toilets. The plane was directed to land at the closest airport, where everyone in the plane and on the ground followed their bomb threat protocol! The young man was thoroughly questioned by police and eventually released. They even gave him the Ipod back, in the end.


Children do the oddest things, sometimes. Such as flushing their toys. One such flushing took place in Massachusetts. A young girl flushed a bunch of lego figures down the toilet. It took several hours and removing the toilet but eventually every lego figure was retrieved.


Though flushing dead pets down the toilet is a popular way of disposing of the remains in some places, the pets we are talking about were still alive at the time of flushing. In London, England a four year old boy living in London was trying to give his puppy a bath in the toilet. The boy flushed, trying to get mud off the puppy, and accidentally flushed the puppy down the toilet. Firemen, the local animal control group, and a plumber all took turns looking for the puppy. Four hours later the plumber, the last one called, located the puppy 20 meters away from the home, in a sewer pipe. They retrieved the puppy, who was thankfully still alive, and this tale had a happy ending.

In Kansas a toddler flushed the familys’ pet kitten down the toilet. It is unknown exactly why the toddler felt the need to flush the one month old kitten, but a plumber was quickly called in to retrieve the baby cat. The kitten had not gone far from the house, but was in pipes underneath. Luckily the bathroom was ground-level, so when they took up the flooring they simply had to dig up a little dirt and cut off a section of the pipe to get in. The kitten was rescued, and they changed the tiny kittens’ name to “miracle.”  Thankfully both pets were able to make a full recovery from their harrowing adventure in the plumbing.

Fashion articles

There are so many stories of having accessories from jewelry to wigs being flushed down the toilet, it is hard to choose exactly which stories to tell. The first story we have for you comes from a bar in Texas. A plumber was called to unclog a toilet. Though he had found many strange things in toilets before then, he said this is the first time he’d found a wig in the toilet! He pulled the wig out of the toilet, hung it over a stall and let it dry. He returned the wig to the bar, suspecting it belonged to one of the entertainers, who performed weekly. The plumber states he has since seen the wig being used, but refrained from telling the entertainer wearing the wig where he last saw it.

Though we have only come across one ‘wig’ flushing, flushing jewelry seems to be quite common. From broken clasps to purposeful flushing the stories run the gamut. A family in British Columbia, for example, had quite a lot of the mothers’ precious jewelry flushed down the toilet by their toddler. THe little guy flushed both wedding and engagement rings, a diamond ring and earrings, and a bracelet. Unfortunately the plumber was unable to find these precious keepsakes until after the family moved out. Fortunately the new homeowners were nice enough to contact the family and return the items.

The moral of the stories are: don’t be afraid to contact your plumber. No matter what’s been flushed or what made that clog, your plumber has probably seen it before. Even if they haven’t, they can still help you get that toilet up and running.