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When a main water line bursts, the damage that can occur to your property can be quite considerable. It is not only your property that can be affected by main water line bursts, however, the damaged that will impact your home can be severe. Such a burst can endanger people and can cause injuries that will ultimately cost more for you to get past this incident. Most times, a 

main waterline 

leakage will start as a minor problem, which if not addressed, will become a major complication and cause water damage to property. House water main problems can happen at any time, so when this happens, you should call Your Plumber Lehi immediately! We are a professional plumbing service that knows how to handle water line problems, as well as all other plumbing complications.

Typical Problems with the  Main Waterline

Your main water line

is the principal pipe that ferries water into your home. This line connects you to the community water source and is usually found underground. Holes or cracks can gradually form in a main waterline due to external corrosion from the soil. Since the water pipes are under pressure, when the water main breaks, there will be an outflow of water from the pipe that will ultimately surface. This could be anywhere from your lawn, to the streets. The major problem when there is a burst in the pipes is that the water is at risk of becoming contaminated. Contaminated water poses a serious health hazard, not only to your family, but also your neighbors. The moment this happens, it is essential that you discontinue using appliances and avoid drinking water.

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How to Determine Main Water Line Leakage

The presence of water in the streets is the easiest way to know if your main water line is leaking. Once a pipe has a breach, the water will have no place to go and will balloon into the streets. The moment you realize that there is water bubbling in the streets, you need to get in touch with our professional plumbing services for an immediate inspection.

If you notice that there are wet segments of water in your yard and you cannot understand why, this is an indicator that the pipes could be leaking. Such situations are a serious hazard to children and animals in your yard and it is very prudent to call professional plumbers to check the main water line.

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Are Your Pipes Leaking?

If water has collected within your home and particularly under the sinks and the floor, it could be because of a leak in the pipes. It may be easy to recognize some problems, but those at the back of walls and ceilings will not become apparent quickly. The best approach to handle a possible water line leak is to allow us to inspect your home so that we can determine where the problem is. At Your Plumber Lehi, we believe in doing a perfect job. We cannot begin any repair or replacement jobs before we truly know what the situation is. Smear spots can be an indicator that you have a main waterline leakage. You will need to check your sink areas as well as the toilets and tubs to see if there are discolorations in some areas.

We Can Make the Difference

A damp drywall ceiling or basement or a ceiling with wet spots are a strong indication that there is a leaking main waterline pipe in your vicinity. This is a situation that must be remedied because it has the potential to wreak havoc on the structure of your home. We want to save you from any further damages on your property. This is why you should get in touch with Your Plumber Lehi as soon as possible so that we can begin the process of repairing your waterline.


Are You Having High Water Bills?

Usually, a high water bill that you cannot comprehend can be a strong indication that your piping system is leaking. This is particularly so if you have not done anything out of the ordinary that can warrant the high utility bill. This and other signs can help you determine if there are plumbing issues on your property.

Your Home is Not Safe with Broken Waterlines
When the main water line is leaking, you will have low water pressure. This will happen despite the fact that there is no problem with the water supply. When the line has been interfered with, the pressure of the water getting to your home will be low. Leakages can get to the foundation of your home and cause it to have cracks. If this happens for a long time, the structure of your home will depreciate and start showing as cracks on the wall’s foundation. This is a strong indication that that you have a broken main water line.

Our Experts will Always Respect Your Home

If you are observant enough, you might hear gushing noises from your toilet or sink. You will also hear whistling noises coming from the pipes. These among other noises from your plumbing system are strong indicators that your piping has serious defects. We can provide you with a fast, clean and reliable service to ensure that everything gets back to normal. We are dedicated in making sure that with inviting us into your home that our team is very respectful, professional, and caring of your home or property to ensure that we get everything back as it was before the incident happened.

Cleaning the Water Mains

When you get water through your community pipe, it is generally safe and of good quality. With time, however, natural residues start to deposit themselves in your pipe. If they are not taken care of, your water might start getting discoloration. As your local professionals, Your Plumber Lehi will flush the water mains to get rid of the deposits. We also undertake main line cleaning so that your water remains healthy and there is no discoloration. Once we have professionally cleaned the main line, you will start to receive fresh water again.

Replacing Worn Out Piping Systems

Anytime you notice that your water is discolored, you should call us so that we can give your pipes the cleaning. We undertake main line cleaning when the pipes need to be cleared because of their age and inevitable deterioration. These pipes are, however, designed and installed so that they can work for many years. Although, if they are run down to a certain point, we can get them replaced.

We Will Keep Your Waterline Healthy

Keeping your main waterline in good shape is essential. If you live in a home that is more than 50 years old, you probably need to get the pipes replaced. You should also get them replaced if the plumbing has had problems constantly for months or maybe years. There would be no point in continuing with the pipes because sooner or later, they will cause grave damage to your home.

We are plumbing experts and we know when a piping system needs cleaning, repair, or replacement. We have the capacity to handle this as well as other plumbing needs you might have. We are qualified plumbing experts and we can quickly identify any problems in your water line. Get in touch with us and we will help resolve your waterline issues as soon as possible.