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Bathroom Fixtures that can Help Save Water

Plumber Lehi Blog Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Do you want to install a new bathroom? Water Conservation is something many of us living in a desert, whether that be in Lehi or elsewhere, think about.  Below we’ve listed a few ideas to consider...

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Why Get a Leak Fixed Right Away?

Plumber Lehi Blog Winter weather can have a devastating effect on plumbing, especially if that plumbing  is uninsulated and above ground. Being buried under the ground has an insulating effect on pipes, so both insulation and being underground can help protect your...

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Oh no, my stuff’s flushed

Plumber Lehi Blog Though highly useful, sometimes our toilets flush things we didn’t mean to. This post is all about things that got flushed that people really wanted back. Though none of these examples are from Lehi, they are just as likely to happen here in Lehi as...

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